Offering Quality Brake Service for Over 26 Years

Are the brakes of your vehicle not working properly? If yes, you must have it looked at by our technicians. Our ASE-certified professionals will quickly inspect the problem and fix it. Using top-quality products, we’ll get your brakes working in perfect condition within no time. After we’ve serviced your vehicle, you can leave feeling confident knowing that the brakes of your vehicle are in optimal working condition.
Offering Quality Brake Service for Over 26 Years

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Brakes Diehl Automotive Repair

  • Disk and drum brakes
  • Calipers, pads, and drums
  • Improve stopping
  • Drain the brake fluid and refill your system

Reliable brake repair and maintenance

Don’t risk your safety with faulty brakes. Bring your vehicle to Diehl Auto Repair of Lisle, IL. Our comprehensive brake repair services include brake pads replacement, calipers, master cylinders, brake repair, rotors, hydraulics brake replacement, and much more. Turn to our experienced and skilled mechanics for any brake problem.

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